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    SLC provides relief to the affected segments of Sri Lanka’s cricketing community

    With the ‘Game of Cricket’ coming to a total halt due to the Covid – 19 pandemic, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) decided to provide relief to the affected segments of Sri Lanka’s Cricketing community.

    Accordingly, the SLC Executive Committee took a decision to grant its member clubs (ones, which maintain cricket grounds) a sum of LKR 100,000, each, for the months of March and April, 2020 to help upkeep the standards of the cricketing venues and infrastructure facilities

    ක්‍රිකට් ආයතනයෙන් තැබෑරුම් සදහා දීමනාවක් ?

    Whilst, District Cricket Associations will also be given a grant of LKR 150,000 in order to help uplift the livelihood of the players of the district squads and its managerial staff, who are facing financial difficulties due to the current situation.

    Under this measure, 11 member Clubs (ones, which maintain cricket grounds) and 26 District Cricket Associations will receive financial grants.

    In the meantime, the SLC also provided a monetary advance of LKR 780,000 to the Umpires Association of Sri Lanka, as a relief measure.

    Prasanna Rodrigo
    Manager – Media
    Sri Lanka Cricket

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